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Working with a Senior Manager whose behaviour became inappropriate when drinking alcohol


We were contacted by the HR manager of a large International Financial company to help support a Senior Manager whose behaviour was slipping in quite dramatic ways when drinking at both internal and external events.

The lapses were leading to significant reputational damage both on a personal and organisational level but the forward thinking HR manager realised this could be turned around with some specialist support.


We proposed a series of one to one coaching sessions with the Senior Manager, starting with a conversation to allay any concerns over being judged or reprimanded and positioning the sessions clearly as a way to help him make the necessary changes to his behaviour.

The manager was very open to looking at the impact of his behaviour and with specific techniques and actions has been able to make real changes.

The HR manager commented that the difference they have seen has exceeded their expectations and that they have got far more out of the coaching than they expected, with noticeable changes to his management style as well as behavioural changes in the specific circumstances they wanted to address.