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Preventing and Managing Sexual Harassment at Work

The Worker Protection Act October 2024 is clear; all employers have a legal responsibility to protect their workers and will be legally liable for sexual harassment in the workplace if they have not taken reasonable steps to prevent it. Are you ready?

Our range of support solutions include:

Workshops for Board/SLT

Workshops for Board/SLT

Empower senior leaders to champion a zero-tolerance culture for sexual harassment, driving the ripple effect from the top down.



Our practical playbook guides managers through handling complaints about sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour to ensure they hold crucial conversations in a fair and balanced way

Workshop for Managers

Workshops for Managers

Our workshops empower managers to foster inclusive teams where respect guides every interaction, nipping any inappropriate behaviour in the bud before it escalates.

Risk to Reward Coaching

Risk to Reward Coaching

Our specialist coaching support is specifically for individuals who have displayed inappropriate behaviour, guiding them towards respectful communication and interaction, helping them rebuild trust and ensuring lines are never crossed again.

Workshop for team members

Workshops for Team Members

Empower your people through open discussions, clear boundaries and the confidence to act whenever there is behaviour that crosses a line, creating a safe and respectful workplace for all.

Repairing working relationships

Repairing Working Relationships

Our expert-led sessions bridge the divide between complainant and respondent, paving the way for respectful, professional co-existence.

What is your best way forward?

When helping you to manage inappropriate behaviour and create a truly inclusive workplace, there is nothing we haven’t seen. We approach each project with the utmost discretion. Contact us today to discuss the best way forward for your situation.

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Case Studies for Sexual Harassment

Coaching a manager where claim of harassment had been brought

Preventing sexual harassment – Carter Backer Winter LLP

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