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Real Time Consultants – IoL approved programme

Real Time Consultants  – IoL approved programme

Background and Objectives

Technical recruitment specialists Real Time Consultants had recognised that to maintain their growth they needed to support and develop their management teams. Coming out of the pandemic with a more flexible way of working was also a driver for ensuring managers were equipped to lead their “hybrid” teams

Our Solution

We designed a management and leadership development programme which linked to the company values and business goals and worked with two key teams

  • We supported the directors with group and one to one coaching
  • We worked with new managers and team leaders through a modular programme of interactive workshops

With both teams we used self awareness tool Insights Discovery to help everyone

  • understand more about their own and others’ communication preferences
  • connect better with each other to improve collaboration
  • have a common language to help overcome challenges and conflict

The modular programme is also approved by The Institute of Leadership (IoL) which means that Real Time Consultants could be sure they were getting a contemporary, engaging approach that had been independently verified.


Amongst the participant feedback were the following comments

  • “Was able to help with real ‘’live’’ situations, which was really helpful
  • “Enjoyed the range of scenarios. Found exchange of expectations really insightful”

Mark Bull Managing Director says “I have worked with Focal Point for many years and in previous organisations and I come back to them because I know how well tailored all programmes and workshops are to our particular context and goals.
The addition of IoL approval has also been a great way to recognise our managers, add credibility to the development they are undertaking and give us access to ongoing resources.
We have seen confidence levels grow in terms of how our managers work with their teams and we are delighted that our next cohort of managers have just started their own programme ”


*IoL was formally TILM and has been edited here to reflect the new name.