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HFMC Wealth

HFMC Wealth

Background and objectives

Through the work we do in partnership with CiSi we were introduced to HFMC Wealth who were looking for a consultancy to provide tailored management and leadership development for their people managers.
The development needed to be thought provoking and practical to equip managers to lead in a consistent way across the business and build on an already positive culture to maintain engaged and motivated teams.

Our solution

We worked closely with Emma Irwin, Director of People and Culture, to design a programme, which included
• An initial skills self assessment through which participants rated their confidence levels in key skill areas. This was repeated at the end of the programme
• A series of modular interactive workshops
• Insights Discovery self awareness tool which was debriefed as a group and then woven through the programme


12 managers took part with all 12 scoring 4 or 5 out of 5 for how useful they found the programme and 11 scoring a full 5 for how our facilitator, Jackie, managed discussions and put across content
The repeat of the skills assessment at the end of the programme showed some great steps forward
• On average participants increased their skills and confidence scores up a total of 8.5 points
• With one rating their skills and confidence 15 points higher than before the programme

Insights self awareness tool is now being rolled out to all team members to provide a common language for teams to discuss different approaches and strengths, understand and harness the different contribution each team member makes and improve communication and interaction across the business.
We have continued to provide one to one coaching for a number of senior managers to cement their learning and help them address specific issues and challenges in their roles, through focussed tailored support.

Emma commented “We were delighted to be introduced to Focal Point, who have very quickly become a key learning and development partner for our business. What strikes me is not only the competence and expertise of their trainers, but also their willingness to work in a collaborative and bespoke way, really getting under the skin of our business culture and how to work effectively with our people. We have been particularly impressed with the integration of the Insights profiling tool into the Management Training programme. As a result of the early successes with this, we have been able to roll this tool out across the business and have found it enormously helpful in terms of providing a shared language for discussing working styles, training needs, how best to manage people and even helping us to pre-empt and proactively manage potential workplace conflicts. We see Focal Point as a key partner is delivering training and development for our people going forward.”