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medac Pharma

medac Pharma

Background and Objectives

medac is a pharmaceutical company, which specialises in the treatment and diagnosis of oncology, urology, autoimmune diseases.

The organisation had recently created the “one-medac” philosophy and the MD and HR manager were keen to ensure this was rolled out in a meaningful way for staff in the UK.

Their key objectives were to:

  • help everyone understand what “one medac” means for their particular role and team
  • use this as an opportunity to ensure no one was taking the medac culture for granted. With lots of changes in working patterns and communication since the pandemic, it was a great chance to check in with everyone about where the boundaries should be with behaviour
  • support all their managers and staff to understand more about where the lines are between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour and their responsibilities in everyone contributing to a respectful, inclusive culture
  • ensure team members are comfortable to address situations when they feel uncomfortable or see someone else is


We designed and facilitated a series of virtual interactive workshops for all managers and team members

The workshops opened up discussion around what the values looked like in a day to day context and led to the creation of a Team charter

The management team had a follow up session at the end of the programme to identify key steps to keep the momentum going – and this has been pivotal in leading to a number positive outcomes


  • The MD commented that this was “a fantastic project” with benefits beyond what they imagined; specifically, he saw changes in the way people interact with each other.
  • One comment from the delegate evaluation was “They ensured the discussion flowed and we all had a chance to contribute. It was really engaging content and communicated well!”
  • The company has a clear, punchy team charter which has been incorporated into induction for new people, team meetings, one to one reviews and is visible on calendars, mugs and screen savers
  • The sessions have also led to a number of policies being updated as part of the staff handbook
  • We are designing and facilitating a management development programme for all those with line management responsibility to build on the skills and behaviours from the original programme