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Has the Christmas party left you with a major headache?

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We make no apology for posting about this each New Year – because every year we get an increase in enquiries for support, where there has been inappropriate behaviour at the office party.
It has been another very tough year for so many and this may well have led to people wanting to “let off steam” which, fuelled by alcohol, can often quickly get out of hand.
So if you have returned to work to find you are dealing with an incident of inappropriate behaviour and possible complaints or grievances as a result, there may well be internal investigations or disciplinary processes to follow.
But often the behaviour is not so extreme in these instances as to warrant dismissal… Rather, it is a case of poor judgment clouded by alcohol that needs a different outcome; there will be sanctions for sure, but if the desired outcome is to keep the employee, it is vital they understand the impact of what they have done and are able to make changes and ensure it doesn’t happen again. There may also be relationships to rebuild with colleagues. This is not always easy for the person to do without support.

One to one coaching
Our risk to reward coaching can help through tailored, focussed one to one sessions that are specifically designed to address situations where behaviour has crossed the line.
Many employees whose behaviour has overstepped the mark are actually mortified by what they have said or done and if the support is provided in the right way, they are often really appreciative that their organisation has given them such an opportunity.
Many coachees also tell us they got far more out of the process than they had imagined they would.

Group workshops
If the issues have been more widespread than just one person, there may be a need to work with all team members to understand where the “behavioural lines” are, and particularly to work with managers to ensure they are setting the right tone and leading from the front with their own behaviour… particularly at social events which may feel like they are outside the usual work boundaries, but are very much not!
Our interactive group workshops are designed to help bring clarity to what is ok and what isn’t ok at work, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year.

So if the Christmas party has left you with inappropriate behaviour to sort out, talk to us about how we can help.
For more information on how Focal Point can help to address inappropriate behaviour in the workplace please call us on 01903 732 782, email us at, contact us, or take a look at how we have helped other organisations tackle behaviour that crosses the line.