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Will hefty fines jolt organisations into putting behaviour at the top of the agenda?

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If the moral imperative for putting respectful behaviour at the top of the corporate agenda isn’t working, perhaps the prospect of a million pound fine will do it.

Lloyds of London have just issued a record fine to one of its insurance companies for an employee’s “systematic campaign of bullying against a junior employee over a number of years,” against a backdrop of heavy drinking, initiation games and sexualised comments to women.

What is deeply concerning is that much of the unacceptable behaviour was led by two senior managers.

While the incidents took place before 2018 and the company says it has made far reaching changes since, this is a high profile reminder as to why all organisations should have respectful workplace behaviour at the heart of what they do.

It is unbelievable that a business has to be fined by a regulatory body in this way to force change…but perhaps a hit to the bottom line may push others to prioritise creating a respectful culture.

Many firms have a set of Values proudly displayed on their website. But how many get the senior leadership team together to discuss how they will role model these and how many – and this is the critical bit – discuss how they will hold each other to account?

It’s one thing to tell each other they will value all team members, refrain from inappropriate “banter” and make decisions fairly. But what happens when one of the senior leaders slips from the agreed behaviours? Who steps in? And how?

If these situations are discussed and agreed between the SLT up front, there is more chance of halting inappropriate behaviour if it happens. It can help to have someone facilitate these discussions as they can be challenging for a senior leadership team or partnership group to have on their own.

The SLT sets the tone and standards for the organisation – if they aren’t able to regulate their own behaviour and each other’s, how will they create the right culture for everyone else?

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And to see how we have worked with other organisations to put appropriate respectful behaviour at the heart of their culture see our case studies.