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Empowering Leadership Through Accredited Programmes: The Focal Point Approach

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This International Leadership Week we outline how an accredited programme can benefit your organisation. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of leadership and management, the Institute of Leadership stands as a beacon of expertise and guidance. With a rich history spanning over seventy-five years, they’ve been at the forefront of shaping managerial excellence worldwide. Through meticulous research they provide invaluable insights into how leaders can foster motivated and compassionate work environments. Their accreditation sets the standard for leadership practices, ensuring that managers and leaders everywhere can have access to the latest in effective people management. 

What does accreditation from the Institute of Leadership mean for your organisation?  

  • It’s a stamp of credibility that speaks volumes to clients, partners, and stakeholders – it can form a key part of your employer branding, give you an advantage when completing tenders and raise your profile amongst competitors  
  • It signifies a commitment to excellence in leadership and management practices, strengthening your organisation’s reputation and directly enhancing your ability to attract and retain talent  
  • Gives well deserved recognition to those working hard to complete a programme (a certificate and letters after your name from one of Europe’s foremost leadership bodies)  
  • Offers access to industry experts, cutting-edge research, and best practice, helping your managers and leaders navigate challenges and stay ahead of the curve  

Participation in these programmes leads to improved performance, talent development, and enhanced networking opportunities, ultimately contributing to organisational growth and success. 

How does Focal Point fit into all of this? 

We’re passionate about nurturing authentic and empathetic leadership. By partnering with the Institute of Leadership, we ensure that our programmes  

  • offer practical skills and guidance – participants will take away actions and techniques that they can put into practice straight away and see an immediate difference 
  • create peer support amongst participants so that managers can support each other both during and beyond the programme 
  • offer a blended approach – a mix of facilitated workshops, one to one coaching, self assessment tools  – and all reinforced by the Institute’s  extensive range of resources which participants can dip into at any time  
  • are continually improved, with content and approach externally verified by the Institute – so that you know we are providing content and delivery to the highest possible standards   


Jerome Goodluck, Senior Business Manager at Institute of Leadership says “We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Focal Point to deliver Institute of Leadership accredited programmes since 2019. Throughout our collaboration, Focal Point has demonstrated a strong commitment to working closely with us to enhance the quality of content and experience for their clients. At the Institute, we place great emphasis on providing practical support to leaders and managers, and Focal Point’s expertise in translating theory into actionable strategies ensures that participants are fully engaged and motivated from the get-go.” 

To discuss how an Institute of Leadership accredited programme could add to your leadership team’s credibility, enhance performance and give you a distinct competitive advantage call us on 01903 732 782 email us at or  contact us.