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RESET – our model to help you and your team emerge from lockdown

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The last year has been full of challenge but it has also bought learning and positive change and as restrictions start to ease we all have a unique opportunity to think differently about how we work.

From more flexible working to increased use of technology – we will need to think about what changes we want to take with us, what the implications are for how we communicate and sustain our culture and what the challenges are that we will need to work through.

While there is lots of talk out there about the fact this is “what” we should be doing, we also need to be supporting managers with the “how”. Opening up conversations with teams when there is so much uncertainty can be a daunting prospect for managers. And knowing how to deal with the range of concerns and anxieties that staff are very likely to have will also feel a stretch for many.

Our RESET model is designed to help teams come together and discuss and agree what teamworking will look like over the coming months, work through challenges in a constructive way and agree tangible next steps.

Contact us for a discussion about how our RESET workshops could support your teams to navigate this next phase in our evolving workplaces.

Call us on 01903 732782, email or contact us.

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