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Focal Point 2022 Highlights

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We have had another busy year working with a range of organisations to create more inclusive workplaces… environments where people are able to feel safe, comfortable and to give their best.

Our EDI collection of eLearning modules written for Learning Pool launched in January and we are delighted that the suite has been recognised for a D and I award.

Our latest research on the impact of banter at work came out this year. We conducted it in partnership with CiSi with over 700 people responding. The results are shocking and underline how much we need to keep working to get this message out and raise awareness of the damage inappropriate banter can do.

In June we partnered with Surrey HR forum to run an interactive taster workshop for members on what HR managers can do to manage banter in their own teams as well as the wider organisation.

In September Stella and Tracy were invited to record a podcast with the Leaders council talking about how we help organisations with the practical steps to get rid of inappropriate behaviour. You can listen to the podcast on either on the Leaders Council website, Spotify or Youtube.

In October we were delighted to support the National Guardians “Speak up for civility” initiative with a blog looking at how inappropriate banter can stop people speaking up.
We are also looking forward to podcasts coming out with both Lawcare and CiSi discussing the results of the banter survey.

Every day at work in organisations of every shape and size, people are feeling ground down, undermined and devalued by inappropriate behaviour at work.
We look forward to working with more organisations next year who want to ensure this is not happening in their workplace
Let’s work together to make workplaces truly inclusive.

Please email us at or contact us on 01903 732 782 for more information about how we can help tackle the behaviour that prevents an inclusive culture and create a more positive culture for your people.