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Resolving Difficult and Unacceptable Behaviour

Difficult or unacceptable behaviour comes in many forms in the workplace, managing and dealing with it can be complicated.

Do any of these challenging situations sound familiar?

  • Uncooperative or obstructive behaviour
  • People not talking to each other
  • Team members undermining each other
  • Banter that crosses the line and makes people feel uncomfortable
  • Lack of common courtesy between team members or departments eg no please, thank you or hello, goodbye
  • Belittling or patronising behaviour
  • Someone being singled out or ignored

However it manifests itself, the impact is always the same...
...strained relationships, demotivated individuals, a drop in performance, increased stress and absence rates.

Not dealing with these situations can lead to claims of bullying, harassment or a need for formal mediation, all costing dearly in terms of time, money and reputational damage.

Sometimes working relationships need a bit of help

We can support you when it comes to managing challenging behaviour and difficult people, we can help you deal with, or prevent such situations arising - not only avoiding costly tribunals or time-consuming interventions but also ensuring you build cooperative, inclusive teams based on dignity and respect.

Teams with a positive working environment achieve so much more together. 

We have a number of solutions that can help get relationships back on track from positive behaviour management courses to managing difficult people workshops.