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Repairing Work Relationships

We help you manage situations where inappropriate behaviour in the workplace has led to strained relationships and is impacting on productivity or affecting the wider team.

The way we work with you is built around our 4 key steps:


Within organisations, the workplace relationships and ethics of employees are coming under increasing pressure, and sometimes they need a bit of help. We work with you and those involved to understand the underlying causes of the tensions.


Our approach to repairing work relationships has 1:1 coaching at its core, coupled with facilitated sessions involving all parties.


Coaches who have extensive experience of dealing with tricky and often emotional situations lead all the coaching sessions. Our sensitive approach towards rebuilding effective relationships in the workplace is combined with tangible actions and ensuring outcomes are agreed and documented.


Only with specific, agreed actions will change happen. Follow-up sessions to review progress with both parties are an inherent part of our approach.

We also advise on and signpost to further support, where it is needed. For example, undertaking sessions with the wider team to prevent any similar issues occurring.

Case Studies for Repairing Working Relationships

For a confidential discussion about how we can help your organisation tackle inappropriate behaviour at any level, call us on 01903 732 782 or fill in our contact form here. All our coaching can be run as virtually as well as face to face.