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Our Solutions at a Glance

To help you achieve your objectives in cultivating the right behaviours and managing any potential workplace conflict, we often suggest a combination of approaches...

Management and Leadership Development Programmes

Our management and leadership training courses are all tailored to your organisation goals, environment and internal procedures, including ILM qualifications and programmes.

One to One Coaching

Individual coaching can be used with managers and team members to address a range of development needs.

  • Developing specific skills to enhance performance
  • Navigating a tricky relationship where there is potential workplace conflict
  • Repairing a working relationship that is under pressure

Each coaching programme will be designed to meet the specific outcomes you want. 

When relationships have started to break down this can have a negative impact on the performance and motivation of individuals or the wider team. We have an ACAS trained specialist who can provide workplace mediation to help get things back on track. To find out more contact us.

Team Building and Team Facilitation

Teamwork is the glue that holds organisations together. Managers are often too close to un-tangle relationship issues and workplace conflict – but we can help your team operate the way it should, through either our facilitated team building workshops or our exhilarating, “experiential” team building days

Supporting a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

For any organisation that is serious about creating a more diverse workforce and a genuinely inclusive workplace, there will need to be an ongoing focus on the culture, evolving over time, rather than pockets of initiatives.

We offer a range of practical support - from D and I data gathering to interactive workshops focussing on race awareness - which will help either establish or maintain that focus and help you achieve your D and I goals.

Steps to Inclusion Review

A more diverse and inclusive workforce brings countless benefits in terms of performance… as well as simply being the right thing to do.

But it can be hard to know where to start and how best to target your resources. Our facilitated review process provides an invaluable “moment in time” health check, analysing current workplace practices and highlighting the changes needed to build a fully inclusive workplace for the future.

Assessment Tools

When it comes to personality, style and work approach, everyone is different. These differences can be a cause of misunderstanding and workplace conflict – or they can be a source of strength. Assessment tools can help to develop self-awareness and lead to more effective behaviours.

We are able to provide Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Belbin Team Roles, DISC profiles, a range of Thomas International tools and our online 360-degree feedback tool, which can be tailored to your behavioural framework.

For an initial exploratory chat about any of the above, call us on 01903 732 782 or fill in our contact form. All of our workshops and coaching can be run virtually as well as face to face.