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Preventing and Managing Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment occurs when an individual engages in unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission guidance is clear; all employers have a duty of care to protect their workers and will be legally liable for harassment in the workplace if they have not taken reasonable steps to prevent it.

Yet sexual harassment is widespread and occurs in every sector. Often this is because people don’t really know what constitutes sexual harassment. It covers a broad spectrum of behaviours and interpretations, so it is important to give everyone a chance to discuss what these are and offer clear guidelines as to what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Supporting your people in this way will help everyone understand the part they can play in building a respectful and supportive culture and demonstrate you have taken reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment occurring. 

The aim of the workshop is to give managers and team members an opportunity to identify what constitutes sexual harassment, how to prevent it happening and the practical steps to take to create a respectful working environment for everyone. 

During the session participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Consider the definition of sexual harassment and what falls under the broad spectrum of behaviour
  • What are some of the myths?
  • Where is the thin line between “harmless banter” and comments that may make people feel uncomfortable?
  • Consider the impact our behaviour, tone and language have on others
  • Look at how making assumptions can affect our behaviour and interaction with others
  • Understand how values and policies can be used to guide behaviour and what this looks like in a day to day context
  • Consider how to lead from the front to build and maintain a respectful working environment
  • Identify when to step in if behaviour is falling short of expected standards
  • Use scenarios to identify practical approaches to dealing with sexual harassment - being on the receiving end of inappropriate behaviour or witnessing it as a manager or bystander
  • Draw up personal and team action plans.

All our workshops are tailored to your needs and can be run as face to face or virtual sessions via video conferencing.

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