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Managing Appropriate Workplace Behaviour - Manager’s Workshop


The aim of this session is to give Managers an opportunity to explore what they consider appropriate and inappropriate behaviour at work, identify how they can role model appropriate behaviour and ensure that standards of behaviour are met on their teams. The session will look at the part unconscious bias plays in making decisions and interacting with colleagues and how it can affect organisational performance. It particularly focuses on developing the skills and confidence of managers to have constructive conversations with staff, where behaviour is not meeting the agreed standards.


During the session all participants will have the opportunity to...

  • Consider what is and what isn’t appropriate workplace behaviour
    • “Harmless banter” or unacceptable behaviour? The thin line between humour and offensive comments
    • Showing respect to colleagues
    • Understanding unconscious bias and how it affects behaviour and team performance
  • Consider how to “lead from the front” in practical terms
    • The responsibility of managers to “de-code” policies and role model appropriate behaviour
    • The need to handle their own and others’ prejudices
  • Discuss the implications of not implementing the points above
    • De-motivating team members and losing respect
  • Identify the key skills to fulfil responsibilities
    • Effective face-to-face communication
    • Dealing with sensitive issues at appropriate times
    • Giving constructive feedback that leads to sustained changes in behaviour and monitoring situations to ensure changes are maintained
  • Practise the above skills in small groups using real world scenarios
  • Identify an action plan to take forward

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