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Developing Positive Workplaces and Teams

Creating Appropriate Behaviour in the Workplace

Would you like to create a working environment which is genuinely inclusive and where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves?

Would you like to encourage open, honest discussion about what might need to change to achieve this?


The aim of this workshop is to give participants the opportunity to explore the part they can play in creating a positive and inclusive working environment, based on dignity and respect. It raises participants’ awareness around their own biases and prejudices (often unconscious) and helps them to identify what changes they can make in how they interact with colleagues.


During the session participants will have the opportunity to...

  • Consider what is and what isn’t appropriate team and workplace behaviour
    • Look at the differences between team-working and group working
    • Consider relationships with managers and colleagues – what is appropriate and what is not?
    • Look at what is a “reasonable request” vs. Bullying & Harassment
    • Consider how to show respect to colleagues, at all levels
  • Consider their own biases and prejudices – especially at a subconscious level and identify how they affect our behaviour and interaction with colleagues
  • Consider their responsibilities to ensure their own behaviour is appropriate at all times
  • Understand how the Organisation’s Code of Conduct can be used to guide behaviour
  • Look at the impact of language when communicating with others
  • Draw up a personal and team action plan to take things forward

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