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Creating an Inclusive Working Environment - Managers’ Workshop


Many organisations talk about being an “equal opportunities employer” or being committed to “Diversity and Inclusion.” But what does this mean in practice?

Respecting and valuing difference helps to create teams which are happier, more co operative places to work and as a consequence offer better service to their customers and achieve higher standards of performance.

This course aims to help Managers understand the legal framework, consider what their role is in creating an inclusive environment within their teams and be more confident in managing situations, where people are behaving in a way that is inappropriate or potentially discriminatory.


During the session the participants will have the opportunity to...

  • Consider the case for a diverse workplace
  • The benefits of a diverse workforce for individuals and the organisation
  • Personal experiences of discrimination; direct, indirect, intended or unintended
  • Avoiding discrimination
    • Direct and indirect discrimination
    • Protected characteristics (Equality Act)
  • Avoiding bullying and harassment
    • What constitutes bullying and harassment?
    • Managers responsibility to create safe environments and deal with inappropriate behaviour
  • Understanding our prejudices and how they can affect our behaviour including our decision-making
  • Holding a difficult conversation – how to manage a situation where a staff member has behaved inappropriately
  • What can we do to build an environment, which is equal, diverse and inclusive to all?
    • Committing to holding team discussion to debrief the workshop and identify actions to take forward

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