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From Risk to Reward - Managing Inappropriate Behaviour at Senior Levels

When someone at the most senior level in your organisation is behaving in an inappropriate or unacceptable way the risks are huge… to your staff, to your reputation and to your bottom line.

The Behavioural Areas we Tackle

  • Inappropriate behaviour and comments fuelled by alcohol or drugs.
  • Sexist and racist comments - often brushed off as "banter"
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Demeaning, undermining and patronising comments
  • Aggressive or manipulative behaviour - particularly using a position of influence

We have developed a specialist approach from years of working with senior people whose behaviour is putting the company at risk - and it works time and time again.

6 Steps

  1. Initial contact with the organisation and coachee to set up the programme
  2. A "verbal" 360 - This feedback is synthesised into key themes, anonymised and discussed with the coachee to help raise their awareness and get their ‘buy in’ to change.
  3. Six one to one sessions - to explore, challenge and address the behaviour
  4. A repeat of the "verbal 360"
  5. Wrap up session
  6. Written report back to the organisation

6 Months

With behaviour which has developed unchecked over a period of time, there needs to be sustained support to change it … and to ensure the changes stick. From our extensive experience in this area we know that a series of sessions over a 6 month period gives you the best chance of shifting the behaviour from unacceptable risk to positive impact.

6 Reasons to Invest

From Risk

  1. Eliminate the financial risk that unacceptable behaviour poses to your organisation
    The Bill O’Reilly case cost £13 million in out of court settlements, the Weinstein investigation is set to top £30 million
  2. Reduce the risk of reputational damage to your organisation - loss of staff and loss of clients will hit your bottom line
  3. Address the lack of commitment from staff that stems from unacceptable behaviour in a senior decision maker
    48% of people intentionally decrease their work effort if on the end of “uncivil” or inappropriate behaviour (Porath)

To Reward

  1. Rebuild the credibility of a senior decision maker and help them become a positive force within the business
  2. Ensure your leader’s words and actions are aligned to organisational values - so they are a role model, not a liability
  3. Stimulate business growth, which comes from a trusted, respected leader
    "Extraordinary leaders more than doubled the company’s profits in comparison to the other 90%" (Zenger Folkman)

Case Studies for Managing Inappropriate Behaviour

For more information on how we can help you tackle and resolve the most difficult of behaviours call us for a confidential discussion on 01903 732 782 or fill in our contact form.