One to One and Team Coaching

One to one coaching or Team Coaching is an invaluable way to help managers achieve their potential at work and really succeed in their roles.

Individual coaching can be used with managers or supervisors to:

  • Develop specific skills to enhance performance
  • Build confidence to tackle a specific issue
  • Navigate a tricky relationship
  • Motivate by building on key strengths
  • Move people forward by breaking down barriers and helping them look at things from a different angle

Our executive coaching sessions can help your people feel valued and appreciated in a way that training sessions can’t always achieve. 

Coaching is often invaluable as a support to a management development programme. 

Before a Management Development Programme

Used in conjunction with self awareness tools a coaching session can help to focus an individual on what areas they want or need to develop, so they will get more out of the training. Agreeing clear learning objectives from a coaching session will provide a measurable way for individuals to track their progress through a management programme.

After a Management Development Programme

Once supervisors and other managers have participated in a management development programme they can benefit from ongoing support through one to one coaching that helps them to implement the skills they have learned and address issues that are specific to them. 

For experienced managers who have undertaken a lot of management training, a one to one coaching programme is a valuable next step in ensuring their development is ongoing. Tailored to their specific needs, senior level coaching provides an external sounding board and an objective perspective, which will provide challenge and reflection and ensure skills do not stagnate.

Team Coaching

Coaching can be as beneficial for teams as it is for individuals. High performing sports teams have recognised the power of team coaching for years, in facilitating better use of skills, improved working relationships and ultimately better results.  

For organisations, coaching a team as a unit can help to:

  • Increase engagement and productivity
  • Break down ‘silos’ 
  • Support teams to work across broader project environments
  • Increase trust and cohesion 
  • Increase independence, with teams working together to find their own solutions to problems.

Our coaching approach is based on our Talk; Resolve; Achieve model:

Talk - through discussion we help the team identify specific objectives for the coaching sessions

Resolve - we use a facilitative and participative approach to shape discussions, challenge thought and break down barriers

Achieve - we guide teams to agree measurable actions with clear accountabilities and specific timescales, which we then help to monitor and review