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Team Building Workshops

Is your team working as well as it could be?

Is everyone gelling?

Are there niggles and frustrations that come to the surface from time to time?


The aim of this session is to give the participants the opportunity to explore how they can create a really effective team, how they can play their part in achieving this and how motivation and performance can be improved as a result.


During the session team members will have had an opportunity to…

  • Identify what makes a really effective Team
    • The differences between “real teams” and “groups of people”
    • What does Team-working really mean in practice?
    • What is appropriate team-work behaviour and what is not?
  • Discuss the questions “What’s in it for me? For the Team?  For the Organisation?”
    • The link between team work, motivation and productivity 
  • What do I have to do to play my part?
    • What do my colleagues expect of me?
    • What do I expect of my colleagues?
  • Working together
    • Who do I rely on?  Who relies on me?
    • How can we strengthen these links?
  • Identifying the key skills underpinning team-working
    • Getting our communication right
    • understanding the importance of good questioning and listening 
    • using the appropriate methods of communication
  • Creating an action plan to take the team forward

For an alternative approach have a look at our Experiential Team Building Sessions.

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