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Coaching Skills for Managers

Would you like to get better performance from your teams without spending a fortune?

Would you like to cultivate a management style which develops self-reliant, high performing teams?

Coaching is great way to develop skills within teams and can bring very immediate results. And as it can be done by line managers it is also a very cost-effective way to develop and motivate your people.


The aim of this module is to develop managers’ coaching skills so that they can coach their team members effectively and keep performance and motivation high.


During this module, participants will have the opportunity to…

  • discuss what coaching is and what it is not
  • consider the benefits; for individuals, their teams and organisations
  • identify the skills needed to be an effective coach, including…
    • listening
    • questioning
    • objective setting
    • giving feedback constructively
  • identify the key stages in the GROW coaching framework and practice using it
  • consider how to motivate those being coached
  • consider how to draw up and use a coaching or development plan
  • practice all of the above skills
  • create a personal action plan

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