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Blog - Team development

How to align organisational and personal values

Posted by Tracy Powley 20/10/21

ValuesIt is World Values Day and we look at the pitfall that many organisations are falling into - having a set of values that do not match those of their employees... and what to do to ensure the two are aligned...

Why learning as a Support Team has been invaluable

Posted by Debbie Stanfield 16/06/21

Working togetherGoing into lockdown prompted a change in how we delivered training and the start of a learning journey for us as a Support Team…

Supporting our peoples’ wellbeing as we come out of lockdown

Posted by Tracy Powley 10/05/21

mental healthA recent YouGov poll shows that 44% of workers say that their mental health is worse than it was last spring. So how do we ensure our managers are confident to handle conversations around mental health and wellbeing as restrictions ease?    


RESET – our model to help you and your team emerge from lockdown

Posted by Kate Ridley 05/05/21

RESETEmerging from lockdown is going to present a number of challenges for teams. But it also opens up huge opportunities for different ways of working…and it is the organisations that harness these opportunities which will thrive…..  

How behaviour profiling can help you make a positive “people difference”

Posted by Tracey Willmott - Associate Learning and Development Consultant 13/03/21

SpeakOur facilitator and coach Tracey Willmott draws on her many years of leadership development experience to talk about the benefits of using a behaviour profile to raise our self awareness. Being aware of the effect we have on others is particularly vital when everyone is at sea and feeling the strain...

Wellbeing in lockdown - giving something back

Posted by Tracy Powley 16/11/20

Volunteering handsWith remote working creating a sense of isolation for many and the pandemic fuelling uncertainty and ongoing change, supporting your employees to come together in or with a community to find purpose and create a positive impact beyond their roles, could bring real benefit to all involved.   

Driving Honesty and Safety in Teams

Posted by Helga Davies - Associate Learning and Development Consultant 16/08/19

QuestioningMuch is written about the importance of creating honesty in teams, but knowing how to do this effectively can be challenging. In this blog our facilitator and coach Helga Davies looks at some practical questions teams can ask themselves to help them create a culture of “truth speaking” 

Owning up is easy? Learning from our mistakes

Posted by Tracy Powley 14/05/18

Thumbs upOur article in this edition of the Institute of Leadership and Management magazine The Edge looks at how we can maximise the chances of learning from mistakes in work and that the responsibility doesn’t all lie with the person making the mistake!