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Blog - Return on investment in training

How to use training to effect behavioural change

Posted by Valerie Merrill - Guest Blogger 10/07/17

Valerie MerrillWe are delighted to welcome Valerie Merrill of Merrill Consultants, specialists in bespoke IT training, to our guest blog slot. She gives us an invaluable reminder of the need to ensure any skills development is reinforced in order to make it stick!

How to get a return on your investment in training

Posted by Tracy Powley 15/03/16

ILM ArticleThe effectiveness of training and development is notoriously difficult to measure...

What neuroscience tells us about shaping behaviour and learning in the workplace

Posted by Heather McIntosh 28/01/16

ThinkingThe explosion of interest in neuroscience is helping us to understand how our brain works and how we should shape learning and development as a result...

5 Tips for making Learning stick!!

Posted by Stella Chandler 14/05/15

Post-it ManIt’s Learning at Work Week and all week we are tweeting tips for making learning stick...

The top 5 questions you should always ask a Learning and Development provider...

Posted by Tracy Powley 22/08/14

LearningOrganisations are waking up to the fact that a training session on its own won’t work. It is what participants do with the learning, which makes the difference and gets results.

How to get a return on your investment in learning and development by Tracy Powley

Posted by Tracy Powley 30/05/14

GrowthDon Kirkpatrick passed away earlier this month. We look at what practical steps you can take to measure the impact of your development interventions, using Kirkpatrick's levels.

How important is training at work?

Posted by Tracy Powley 29/05/14

We are supporting an anonymous survey run by Headway Recruitment to answer the question "do employees want more training at work?"

Why we must train from the top down by Tracy Powley

Posted by Tracy Powley 13/03/13

A number of training and coaching sessions we have run have really driven home what most learning and development consultancies would advocate ... that any development around behaviours should start at the top of an organisation