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Blog - Resolving difficult behaviour

Should we have an “appropriate workplace behaviour” dictionary?

Posted by Tracy Powley 12/07/19

DictionaryOne of the questions we often get asked in our workshops and coaching is “can’t you give us a list of what we can and can’t say?”  Is this the way forward to help bring clarity to the tricky area of what is appropriate workplace behaviour?

Why is the legal profession so far behind when it comes to dealing with bullying and sexual harassment?

Posted by Tracy Powley 20/05/19

HammerThe profession which should be the guardians of good practice and role modelling when it comes behaviour at work, has just been exposed as having one of the worst track records. Just why has the legal profession been so slow to act?


Can Inappropriate Behaviour Ever be Inspiring?

Posted by Helga Davies - Associate Learning and Development Consultant 16/04/19

Can inappropriate behaviour ever be inspiring? 

Our behavioural coach Helga Davies shares her experience of working with leaders called out for behaviour which has crossed the line....

The Case for Kindness at Work in 2019

Posted by Tracy Powley 06/02/19

RAKThe cynical point of view would question whether we need an awareness day to try and encourage people to be nice to each other.

But when you look at statistics around how we treat each other at work, the reason becomes frighteningly clear.

Creating a Speak Up Culture - Why Your Managers are the Key

Posted by Tracy Powley 03/01/19

UnhappyManagers are pivotal to how employees experience their time at work and creating a culture where people feel able to raise concerns and "speak up"...

Focal Point in 2018

Posted by Tracy Powley 28/11/18

2018As we look back over the last year, we have been delighted to contribute to a variety of articles, programmes and webinars on inappropriate behaviour at work...


Posted by Tracy Powley 31/10/18

Sexual Harassment

We are delighted to be quoted in the latest issue of the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) magazine.

Read what Stella Chandler has to say about what firms can do to address sexual harassment as part of their good practice management……


Teaching Girls to Banter, Blag and Wing it?

Posted by Tracy Powley 12/09/18

 …. According to Ms Elphinstone who is head of Francis Holland Girls School, in West London. But should we really? 

Focal Point contribute to debate on sexual harassment on BBC Radio

Posted by Tracy Powley 03/09/18

Was the policeman at the Notting Hill carnival right to arrest the woman who slapped his backside? See what Focal Point had to say on BBC Radio,….

When bad boy antics go too far - the impact of Nick Kyrgios’ behaviour

Posted by Stella Chandler 29/06/18

His view is that this is just the way he is and shouldn’t really matter, but we wonder what might be going on underneath the “entertainer” persona.