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Blog - Resolving difficult behaviour

The Right to Lead and Manage in Difficult Times

Posted by Tracy Powley 26/10/20

Actions imageAmong the many challenges that our Covid world has presented to managers, is the ability to balance being an empathetic leader with having a conversation about performance, when needed. We look at some tips to help….


Social Distancing; How to embed new protocols and manage breaches free webinar - June 25th 11:00

Posted by Tracy Powley 17/06/20

CovidAs we start to return to our workplaces, how will we manage the new protocols that will need to be in place? For example, maintaining social distancing, using communal areas in a safe way. And what happens if we feel someone is breaching those protocols? Should a breach ever be a disciplinary matter? Join our free webinar for guidance on all these questions and more…. 

Social Distancing in our workplaces; finding the right route

Posted by Cheryl Burgoyne 22/05/20

Social DistancingAs we endeavour to find a pathway back to working in offices, our facilitator Cheryl looks at the challenges this may bring and what employers can do to support their people through the transition…..

“It’s just a bit of banter” ... how jokes that go too far can affect our mental health

Posted by Tracy Powley 03/02/20

As we approach Time to Talk day on 6th Feb , we take a look at the impact that jokes and humour can have on mental health, when they cross the line and why we need to help our teams understand where the lines are…..

World Rugby - why new rules need a shared understanding

Posted by Tracy Powley 02/10/19

Why the confusion about new tackling guidelines amongst World Rugby officials is a cautionary tale for business leaders…. 

Should we have an “appropriate workplace behaviour” dictionary?

Posted by Tracy Powley 12/07/19

DictionaryOne of the questions we often get asked in our workshops and coaching is “can’t you give us a list of what we can and can’t say?”  Is this the way forward to help bring clarity to the tricky area of what is appropriate workplace behaviour?

Why is the legal profession so far behind when it comes to dealing with bullying and sexual harassment?

Posted by Tracy Powley 20/05/19

HammerThe profession which should be the guardians of good practice and role modelling when it comes behaviour at work, has just been exposed as having one of the worst track records. Just why has the legal profession been so slow to act?


Can Inappropriate Behaviour Ever be Inspiring?

Posted by Helga Davies - Associate Learning and Development Consultant 16/04/19

Can inappropriate behaviour ever be inspiring? 

Our behavioural coach Helga Davies shares her experience of working with leaders called out for behaviour which has crossed the line....

The Case for Kindness at Work in 2019

Posted by Tracy Powley 06/02/19

RAKThe cynical point of view would question whether we need an awareness day to try and encourage people to be nice to each other.

But when you look at statistics around how we treat each other at work, the reason becomes frighteningly clear.

Creating a Speak Up Culture - Why Your Managers are the Key

Posted by Tracy Powley 03/01/19

UnhappyManagers are pivotal to how employees experience their time at work and creating a culture where people feel able to raise concerns and "speak up"...