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Blog - Diversity and inclusion

Just Banter … or is it? Thoughts for International Women’s Day

Posted by Tracy Powley 04/03/19

Banter can knit teams together; shared experience and humour can go a long way to creating a strong sense of team identity and break barriers down between team members. 

But it can also create barriers – in a way which erodes confidence and negatively affects motivation and productivity….

The Case for Kindness at Work in 2019

Posted by Tracy Powley 06/02/19

RAKThe cynical point of view would question whether we need an awareness day to try and encourage people to be nice to each other.

But when you look at statistics around how we treat each other at work, the reason becomes frighteningly clear.

Launch of our “Steps to Inclusion” Review

Posted by Tracy Powley 14/01/19

Would you like to be doing more to encourage a diverse workforce and create a truly inclusive workplace - but not sure where to start and how best to allocate your resources?

Help is at hand with our new Steps to Inclusion review….

Focal Point in 2018

Posted by Tracy Powley 28/11/18

2018As we look back over the last year, we have been delighted to contribute to a variety of articles, programmes and webinars on inappropriate behaviour at work...

Why many (men) may be feeling anxious about going to the Christmas party this year…

Posted by Tracy Powley 27/11/18

Office PartyOver a year since Weinstein, the workplace landscape has shifted... and while empowering for some, for others it is leading to confusion and concern...

The results of our survey - “Weinstein a year on; what has changed?”

Posted by Tracy Powley 13/11/18

Senior Manager inappropriate behaviourThanks to everyone who completed our survey “Weinstein a year on; what has changed?”Take a look at the results here

(Body) Guarding against ‘Unconscious Bias’

Posted by Andrew Rundle - Associate Learning and Development Consultant 02/10/18

BBC - BodyguardA gripping drama and so many lessons on unconscious bias from Bodyguard...

Teaching Girls to Banter, Blag and Wing it?

Posted by Tracy Powley 12/09/18

 …. According to Ms Elphinstone who is head of Francis Holland Girls School, in West London. But should we really? 

Focal Point contribute to debate on sexual harassment on BBC Radio

Posted by Tracy Powley 03/09/18

Was the policeman at the Notting Hill carnival right to arrest the woman who slapped his backside? See what Focal Point had to say on BBC Radio,….

What the World Cup can teach us about Diversity!

Posted by Stella Chandler 04/07/18

FootballImagine you could create your World Cup Fantasy Football Team...