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Blog - Communication skills

RESET – our model to help you and your team emerge from lockdown

Posted by Kate Ridley 05/05/21

RESETEmerging from lockdown is going to present a number of challenges for teams. But it also opens up huge opportunities for different ways of working…and it is the organisations that harness these opportunities which will thrive…..  

How behaviour profiling can help you make a positive “people difference”

Posted by Tracey Willmott - Associate Learning and Development Consultant 13/03/21

SpeakOur facilitator and coach Tracey Willmott draws on her many years of leadership development experience to talk about the benefits of using a behaviour profile to raise our self awareness. Being aware of the effect we have on others is particularly vital when everyone is at sea and feeling the strain...

Peer support networks - a lifeline for employees in our third lockdown

Posted by Tracy Powley 10/01/21

virtual meetingBurnout must now account for one of the biggest risks within organisations. It is vital there is support for everyone.

However, if you are already implementing regular virtual one to ones, have created a range of social activities on MS Teams or Zoom, engaged people in projects or volunteering beyond their usual remit, where do you go next?

Inappropriate behaviour amplified in lockdown

Posted by Tracy Powley 15/09/20

lady at deskSo much has been written about how well teams have adapted and how collaboration is thriving since the pandemic, we would be forgiven for thinking that workplaces have suddenly rid themselves of any inappropriate behaviour.

But research out in the last few weeks tells a very different story….

How to stop email communication being a source of pressure in lockdown

Posted by Stella Chandler 03/07/20

Working during lockdownWe look at how to stop email communication being a source of pressure in lockdown and steps to ensure it is the positive aid to productivity it should be…

Social distancing in our workplaces – How to create the right environment to voice concerns

Posted by Tracy Powley 03/06/20

Social DistancingWe are delighted to be welcoming Liz Gardiner C.E.O of Protect the UK’s whistleblowing charity to our webinar on 11th June to help answer some of the thorny questions organisations will be facing as they start to plan how they will operate in the coming months…

What our workplaces look like now... and what this means for team behaviour and interaction

Posted by Tracy Powley 06/04/20

Changes in working environments had already been taking place before the Coronavirus crisis hit. The pandemic has now both speeded up some of those changes and driven new ones.

We give you a practical way of helping your people identify what this means for team working and team behaviour…

Talent Development Programmes – A Multipronged Approach

Posted by Chris Brown 10/01/19

NetworkChris Brown, coach and consultant trainer at Focal Point Training explains how talent management programmes should support both individual and organisational goals and how using a range of development and training activities leads to tangible benefits.