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Coaching Supervision – The Future of Coaching?

Posted by Chris Brown 10/03/20

CoachingIn this blog our coach and facilitator Chris Brown offers three key reasons why supervision is key to ensuring coaching interventions deliver a quality driven experience for coaches, coachees and their stakeholders.

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Can Inappropriate Behaviour Ever be Inspiring?

Posted by Helga Davies - Associate Learning and Development Consultant 16/04/19

Can inappropriate behaviour ever be inspiring? 

Our behavioural coach Helga Davies shares her experience of working with leaders called out for behaviour which has crossed the line....

In Praise of Reflection

Posted by Louise Jeffreys - Guest Blogger 05/06/17

Louise JeffreysWe are thrilled to welcome Louise Jeffreys this month - Louise leads the artistic marketing and media relation functions at the Barbican Centre - she explains the importance of Reflection...

The Ego Has Landed

Posted by Andrew Rundle - Associate Learning and Development Consultant 18/07/16

Football StadiumChristiano has in the past been depicted as a bit of a loner, somebody who puts personal achievement above all else...

Breaking the glass ceiling – Why coaching and mentoring are vital

Posted by Heather McIntosh 03/03/15

glass ceilingThe hurdles women face along their career path and the factors that create the ‘glass ceiling’ effect that many women managers encounter...

What can we learn from “Fedberg and Beckovic”? - Lessons from the Supercoaches

Posted by Tracy Powley 10/07/14

TennisDo you coach your top talent? It is all too easy to assume they are self sufficient and don’t want support.

Team Coaching - lessons from sport by Heather McIntosh

Posted by Debbie Stanfield 07/02/14


The worlds of Business and Sport share much the same goals – to achieve outstanding performance and results. 

Hands up who would drive a car before having lessons? by Tracy Powley

Posted by Tracy Powley 16/07/13

Most of us wouldn’t dream of trying to drive a car before we had lessons so why is managing people any different?

Why we must train from the top down by Tracy Powley

Posted by Tracy Powley 13/03/13

A number of training and coaching sessions we have run have really driven home what most learning and development consultancies would advocate ... that any development around behaviours should start at the top of an organisation