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Behaviour at Work Case Study

Working in Partnership with a Law Firm to Address Behaviour at Work


One of the largest full service law firms in the world, this firm has clients ranging from the FTSE 100 to growing companies in developing markets.

The Need

Since working with a client in the healthcare sector, providing advice on employment law, the firm had noticed a pattern in the issues that were coming up. The incidents all stemmed from the way some people were behaving towards others and had led to complaints from colleagues and team members. The team of solicitors identified that they could help the client to take a more preventative approach to dealing with these people management issues and advised the client that their Management team could benefit from some guidance around setting clearer standards of behaviour and developing their confidence to deal with inappropriate behaviour when they spotted it.

The Solution

We worked in partnership with the law firm to co-run a workshop for 12 Managers from across the client’s business.
The first part of the session was designed and delivered by the lead solicitor, focussing on the legal aspect of managing behaviour at work, looking at the processes that should be followed and highlighting the consequences of claims being bought.

Focal Point designed and ran the skills based session. This helped to raise managers’ awareness of what is acceptable behaviour at work and what is not and then helped managers to identify how they would tackle incidents in the future, to ensure they didn’t become a grievance.

The session was highly interactive to help managers look at specific examples of behaviour in their teams and identify where the boundaries should be and how they would put these in place.

The Law firm were delighted with the session and their solicitor commented “We are always looking for ways that we can add value to our offering to clients and this was a really good example of how we can help clients take a preventative approach to issues, rather than reacting when they find themselves with a tricky situation on their hands. The client has been very positive about the impact the session has had and we believe it will make a real difference to reducing the number of incidents they have had to deal with.

We recognise that helping compannies to tackle these issues is not just about giving them the legal processes to follow, but also giving them the skills to make those processes effective and that is why Focal Point’s contribution and experience in this area was invaluable.

We were a great double act and will be looking for other opportunities to work in this way again!”