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Northampton Partnership Homes - Virtual Workshops - Respect Each Other Case Study


Northampton Partnership Homes have been running sessions with us as part of their induction for new people for over two years. The sessions are designed to help maintain a culture of openness and embed their “Respect Each Other” competency. 

The Need
With the pandemic changing all of our workplaces drastically, we adapted the workshops in collaboration with NPH, to be run virtually and to reflect the changing working environment. 

Our Solution
This has meant running sessions in shorter chunks of 90 minutes to ensure we keep participation and engagement high.

We have also adapted the content to ensure we are looking at the challenges of creating a respectful workplace, in a remote working context. For example, how do we ensure, more than ever, that we don’t make assumptions about others and their situation? How do we ensure that our communication is appropriate, no matter what channel we use; email, zoom, WhatsApp?

NPH, led by John Chambers from the L and D team, were one of our first clients to see how virtual workshops could help maintain the support for their people, during lockdown.

They have also taken steps to ensure people can access the workshops in a variety of ways – including equipping their on site training room, so that anyone who cannot work from home or who does not have the technology to access a virtual workshop, can come in and access the workshops in a safe way. It is a great practical example of working in an inclusive way.

The feedback from participants has been very positive…

“I thought working in a smaller group worked really well, I felt it made me more confident to have a discussion with people from different departments. I also enjoyed the session over Zoom, it worked really well”.

“I thought the virtual workshop worked really well and I enjoyed when we each had a scenario to work through as a team”.