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Nene Park Trust Case Study

Nene Park Trust - Team Facilitation

Overview Nene Park Trust

Nene Park Trust is the registered charity which was established to manage the park and its assets. The park is entirely self funded through rental income from commercial and Park properties, concessions and investments at no cost to the taxpayer. The senior management team is therefore vital in ensuring the Trust fulfils its remit.

The Need

Following some changes at senior management level and a newer team being established, Chief Executive James McCulloch felt it would be helpful to use part of their regular strategy days to look at how the SMT could get to know each other better and work together effectively to take the organisation forwards. 

Our Solution

We proposed, designed and facilitated two sessions to help the management team explore their styles of working and look at how to harness their strengths to become a really high performing team.

The basis of the sessions was to use Myers Briggs type indicator and Belbin Team Roles to profile each team member. This allowed everyone to understand their own strengths and development areas more and also the impact of their approach in a team environment.  

We then facilitated discussions to identify how the team could use this information to strengthen areas such as communication, team culture, leadership (especially leading change) and problem solving. 

The team felt the sessions were invaluable in being able to step back from their hectic day to day work schedules and think about their own team working in relation to executing the Trust’s strategy. We have a follow up session planned in September to review progress and build on previous actions.

James commented that “The two sessions were a great help in strengthening our new senior team and in raising our understanding of each other and therefore our collective performance. We were led through an engaging, informative and supportive process. Through this, we achieved a great deal- but also enjoyed the time together, and we continue to regularly use and reflect on what we learnt together as a new senior team.”