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Morgan Hunt Case Study

Morgan Hunt - Project Team Working

Morgan Hunt

Morgan Hunt is one of the top recruitment agencies in the UK employing over 170 recruitment consultants across the UK and providing specialist recruitment services  across a broad range of sectors. The company was listed in the Virgin Fast Track for three consecutive years.

The Need

Morgan Hunt has a strong internal learning and development function and a senior management team who visibly support the importance of investing in staff. Focal Point has worked with Morgan Hunt for the last 3 years in conjunction with their training team to develop new and experienced managers in the business.

The company has ambitious growth plans over the next 5 years and HRD Clare Sheraton and the senior management team had identified the critical management behaviours needed to support this growth; collaboration, accountability and innovation. Clare knew another management training programme was not the answer!

Our Solution

We proposed developing the Managers’ behaviours through a more experiential learning approach and devised “The Morgan Hunt Business Challenge.” Managers worked in 3 teams on a live business issue over a 6 weeks period. The teams were given a brief to work to, assigned an internal facilitator (a Director) to observe and support them and attended 3 sessions facilitated by Focal Point during the 6 weeks, to help them reflect on their team working and approach. The challenge culminated in each team presenting to a panel of directors – which included their suggestions for tackling the business issues and their learning from the project.

Because the teams were drawn from a mix of business functions, regions and sectors, the projects gave managers a chance to work with peers they would not normally work with, helping to build and strengthen internal relationships and foster collaboration and peer support.

The final presentations were of an extremely high quality and demonstrated some excellent self awareness around what aided and hindered teamwork along the way.  And the company genuinely have some great ideas to take back into the business – indeed the Directors are already starting to implement them.

During the projects one of the Directors commented on how pleased he was to see how the managers really stepped up when given the opportunity to be involved in this way and how it enabled specific managers to shine in a way they wouldn’t normally have a chance to.

One of the participants commented “It was really valuable to establish a peer group outside my own division and has allowed exposure to different ways of working. I stayed engaged because this was something that was relevant to my team and not “roleplay” and could benefit me and the wider business.”

Clare Sheraton said “We wanted to offer our managers something different to what they had done in previous years to ensure they were engaged and continuing to develop their skills. Focal Point came up with a solution which absolutely did that. The participating managers were motivated and enthused from the word go and we have some really strong ideas to help the business move forward as a result. We will be keen to run similar projects in the future”.