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medac Pharma - Virtual Workshops - Bringing values to life

Background and Objectives 

medac is a pharmaceutical company, which specialises in the treatment and diagnosis of oncology, urology, autoimmune diseases.

The organisation had recently created the “one-medac” philosophy and the MD Ally and HR manager Jennifer were keen to ensure this was rolled out in a meaningful way for staff in the UK. 

Their key objectives were to:

  • help everyone understand what “one medac” means for their particular role and team
  • use this as an opportunity to ensure no one was taking the medac culture for granted. With lots of changes in working patterns and communication since the pandemic, it was a great chance to check in with everyone about where the boundaries should be with behaviour
  • support all their managers and staff to understand more about where the lines are between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour and their responsibilities in everyone contributing to a respectful, inclusive culture
  • ensure team members are comfortable to address situations when they feel uncomfortable or see someone else is


We worked with four groups across three key audiences:

  • Managers group
  • Head office group
  • Field team 


We designed and facilitated a series of virtual interactive workshops during June and July 2020 - all run via Zoom. 


  • Each group had 2 x 90 minutes sessions run a week apart
  • In between sessions we asked everyone to read our Walk the Line article and to start to identify what they would want to have in a team charter
  • There were 8 people in each group
  • The management team had a 90 minute follow up session at the end of the programme to identify key steps to keep the momentum going 

Team Charter Creation 

A group of five volunteers from across the business led on the creation of the team charter. They created a draft using their new awareness from the sessions and very much linked to one-medac and shared this with the rest of the company for comment and the charter was finalised by the time the management team had their follow up session. 


  • The MD commented that this was “a fantastic project” with benefits beyond what they imagined; specifically, he has seen a change in the way people are interacting with each other. The way sessions allowed them to talk has helped them open up to each other more generally and moved relationships on
  • One manager said it was so helpful to all have a shared understanding of why someone may step in - gives everyone permission to do so
  • One comment from the delegate evaluation was “They ensured the discussion flowed and we all had a chance to contribute. It was really engaging content and communicated well!”
  • One team member commented that they looked forward more now to social gatherings, as it is clearer where the boundaries are
  • The organisation has a clear, punchy team charter which they are all delighted with and which will now be used to guide team behaviour and as part of induction for new staff
  • The sessions made them realise a number of policies needed to be updated as part of the staff handbook and this is now being undertaken
  • We also recommended creating champions’ roles which they are looking at doing using the group of people who led on the charter initially
  • MD, Ally has been asked to present the programme at next international directors’ meeting, as the parent company are interested for other countries
  • An unexpected outcome for the company was how much they loved using Zoom (they had previously only used MS Teams for internal meetings and client meetings) They had so much enjoyed the participation we created in the workshops that they have now bought a Zoom package to use