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Selwood Plant and Pump Case Study


Selwood Plant and Pump - Sales & Account Development

Selwood is recognised as one of the leading pump and plant, hire and sales companies in the country. One of the largest privately owned UK Companies serving the construction and allied industries, Selwood employs over 420 people across its network of branches.

The Need

Selwood have a large team of sales reps, account managers and branch managers who are all responsible for developing business with new and existing customers, in a highly competitive market. As the market picks up from a challenging couple of years, the senior management team wanted to make sure that the sales team were equipped to make the most of every opportunity and be confident in differentiating themselves from other companies.

The Solution

We worked with Richard Brown, the sales director, to identify the key skill areas which needed addressing and spent time understanding the business through visits to their head office and depot and through talking on an individual basis to all 21 people who took part in the training.

From here we devised a 2 day course with highly practical content, helping the sales team to structure calls and meetings more effectively, ensure they were asking the right questions (both out on site and in office environments with buyers) and were clear about their points of difference in the market. We designed a series of roleplays based on real client scenarios and used experienced managers from within the business to take on the part of the client to make it as realistic as possible.

The participants found the training highly valuable and even those who hated the idea of roleplays (as so many of us do!) enjoyed the experience and said they gained a lot from it.

Alison Stubbs, Manager of the Tipton Depot said “Over the years I have done many training courses and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that the Sales Training that you delivered was by far the best course I have been on.  The training was delivered very professionally; you had clearly done your homework about Selwood which came across very well indeed. I usually judge a course on “yawn-ability” and found that I did not yawn once through the two days, which in itself shows that you had my attention at all times.

I learnt some really good techniques, which I have already put into place thus enabling me to obtain a hire from a customer whom I had been chasing for ages!”

Richard Brown is also very pleased with the results the training has bought to the company.

It is very refreshing to work with a training provider that wants to learn about the actual business and tailor the training needs to suit our industry and the challenges that it brings. I have worked with too many companies in the past who do not listen to our needs and when the training takes place it ends up being the same old methods that do not relate to some of the challenges faced within the hire industry.

The most pleasing thing has been the buzz that has been created by all that attended and how it has lifted spirits and made people look at things in different ways.

Focal Point will remain our training provider of choice for the foreseeable future.