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Clyde & Co Case Study

International law firm Clyde and Co LLP has around 270 partners and 2,350 staff operating from 30 different countries, making them unique in scale and international reach.

The Need

The firm was keen to ensure that the working environment at Clyde and Co is one based on dignity and respect. They already had an “Appropriate workplace behaviour” policy in place and now wanted to launch it with some practical support for managers.  They were keen to have a preventative approach to dealing with any inappropriate behaviour, rather than only responding once the situation had escalated to possible harassment or bullying claims.

The Solution

We designed a series of workshops to sit alongside the firm's policy.

The sessions helped managers to consider what they deem appropriate and inappropriate behaviour at work, particularly in the context of a law firm, who advise on people management practices.

The workshops used case studies to generate discussion and prompt thinking to develop the skills needed to roll the policy out to all team members in a meaningful, practical way.

Head of Learning & Development, Pauline Holland has been particularly pleased with the response commenting “This can be a very grey area for managers and can often put them off dealing with situations. Focal Point’s approach helped the managers gain clarity around where the lines and boundaries should be and understand just how vital it is for them to be role models in this area We are now working with Focal Point to support managers further, through a series of bite size sessions to give them the skills to deal with other situations that might arise, such having difficult conversations and giving constructive feedback to team members and colleagues.”