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AA Thornton & Co Case Study

Leadership Development Programme

AA Thornton

Overview and Need

Intellectual Property Law Firm, A.A. Thornton & Co., have been through a period of positive change, including a move to new offices, the introduction of a new document management system, and a revamp of their performance management framework.

With so much going on, they were keen to ensure their senior management team were equipped to manage the changes effectively and drive the future growth of the business.

The launch of a leadership development programme was driven by Karen Genuardi the Firm’s HR manager. She was keen to recognise the existing positive working culture in the Firm and to harness the individual strengths of the Partners, Associates and functional head’s into a really strong, cohesive senior management team.


We worked closely with Karen and the Firm’s “People Group” to design a tailored development programme, which comprised:

  • group modules focussing on the role of the leader within the Firm
  • Myers Briggs (MBTI) profiling debriefed in one to one coaching sessions to help each Partner and senior manager explore their own style of communication and approach
  • a full day MBTI facilitated workshop for the senior management team, to help them use their newly acquired insight from their own profiles, in a team context

The programme has helped the senior team to address issues which affect many growing organisations, such as:

  • how to foster collaboration and maintain strong working relationships between themselves and across departments as the firm grows
  • how to keep standards consistent across different teams
  • how to flex their own style to get the best outcomes
  • how to maintain a culture of openness while driving change

Karen commented “The development programme has helped us all in many ways.  One important one is an improvement in the way we communicate with each other.  By being aware of differing styles and needs of others, and with some small changes to the way we go about our work, there have been some big improvements.   A practical example of this is the adoption of a more focussed approach to meeting agenda’s to ensure we get the best from everyone, whatever their preferred style, resulting in more efficient and effective decision making.