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Blog - Why Management Development Matters by Heather McIntosh

Why Management Development Matters by Heather McIntosh

Posted by Debbie Stanfield 12/02/14


Management development is critical to business performance – and businesses and line managers are in agreement!

The recent CIPD Report Survey “Real Life Leaders: closing the knowing-doing gap” (Sept 2013,) highlights that the key challenges faced by managers are also the skills, which organisations know are critical to managing business performance and getting the best from people.

These include effective performance management, coaching, developing and mentoring staff, handling difficult conversations and managing business change.

Given the evidence that management development has such a positive impact, it is a concern that the report also identifies that 35% of junior managers surveyed hadn’t received any training for their role.  Only one in five managers, and, more worryingly almost one in four junior managers, said they do not have time for one-to-one people management and only 8% of junior managers thought that motivating their team would make them an effective manager.

With many organisations focusing their learning investment on senior leadership development, there is a real danger that front-line managers are not being fully equipped and empowered to carry out their roles effectively and this will have a significant impact on business performance.

Middle managers, team leaders and supervisors are expected to drive the engagement levels in teams, guide recruitment and succession planning activities, as well as implement change and manage its consequences on individual staff members. They set the culture and behaviours for their teams, so the relationship between line managers and their team members is critical to drive discretionary effort, increase productivity and maximise employee engagement.

Organisations need to be aware of the importance of developing their operational managers at the front line of the business, where the day-to-day action is, by empowering them to develop their people to be responsive to the everyday challenges that arise. This means working to close the gap between ‘knowing’ about leadership and management and providing the resource and support to develop better leaders and managers in practice.

To find out more about how to empower your line managers, have a look at our tailored Management Development programmes, one to one coaching and ILM endorsed programmes and equip your managers to make a real difference.

Debbie Stanfield
Debbie Stanfield

I joined Stella and Tracy at Focal Point in 2003 and have seen both the Company and my role evolve during this time. I now work closely with the management team to achieve and improve business efficiently. To re-energise myself after a day in the office, I like to go to Zumba classes in the evening!

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