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Blog - Why a free banana may not be enough!

Why a free banana may not be enough!

Posted by Tracy Powley 18/08/16

bananasWellbeing is quite rightly rising to the top of many organisation agendas – but our recent experiences suggest organisations are not always tackling the most important areas first.

Only this month we have been working with an organisation rolling out a whole programme of well being initiatives, including wider flexible working, healthy lifestyle promotions, free gym membership etc. All looks fantastic, but we also know that the culture is not all it could be. The work we have been doing with them has been helping one particular team iron out some tensions, which were starting to affect communication and their customers’ experience. And while it was great that we were able to help them with this, it was treated as a “one off” intervention, rather than being tied into the wellbeing agenda.

It really highlighted to us that what should be at the core of any wellbeing programme is an examination of the culture; really opening up a conversation about how comfortable people feel at work and an honest look at what stops relationships flourishing.

Yoga classes and free fruit will only make a difference if people feel able to be themselves at work, feel included not excluded, feel their voice can be heard and their contribution valued. OK, so we’re being a bit flippant about the fruit and yoga classes, but organisations often seem more ready to spend money on the “add ons” rather than investing in cultivating great working relationships, which are the foundation of workplace wellbeing. If people love the working environment, get on with their colleagues and feel valued by their manager, high levels of job satisfaction, engagement and wellbeing usually follow.

We are finding that increasingly we are encouraging organisations to think about how they “join up the dots“ and this seems to be a key area where that could bring real benefits.

For more information, talk to us about how we can help you create a happy, respectful and collaborative culture and how we can help you resolve the difficult situations which affect wellbeing.

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Tracy Powley
Tracy Powley

Stella Chandler and I founded Focal Point on a shared belief that a training course run in isolation doesn't work. We passionately believe there must be support both before and after the training or coaching session itself for it to make a difference. When I am not facilitating sessions with clients or looking at ways to grow the Focal Point business, you will find me in a calming yoga class...

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