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Blog - Who we have been working with

Who we have been working with

Posted by Debbie Stanfield 30/04/14

The last month or so has seen lots of our clients reap the benefits of facilitated team sessions – many at senior level. We have run these to help with a variety of objectives, including helping senior managers to agree long-term business objectives, helping teams drawn from different departments and even organisations understand each other better and helping existing teams identify how to build on their successes and strengths.

Nen ParkAt Nene Park Trust our trainer Shelley has facilitated 2 sessions with the senior management team. Already a strong team, we used Myers-Briggs and Belbin to help them think about how to build on their strengths and work together in the most productive way.

Local Resilience Forum - With her background of working in the Met, Stella was ideal to work with the agencies which make up the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Local Resilience Forum. With 25 members from different organisations, their challenge was to ensure that at their regular meetings everyone felt able to make a contribution. We helped them establish a format, which did just that and ensured they tapped into all the expertise on offer.

City of LondonLondon Port Health Authority – with a major relocation imminent, we have facilitated a number of group sessions and one ones with the Directors and Assistant directors to ensure they were working as a united front to lead this huge change.

GSMDGuildhall School of Music and Drama - The research and knowledge exchange team have recently expanded their scope with the addition of the entrepreneurship and enterprise teams and were keen to ensure they got to know each other better to make the most of each others’ skills and expertise. We facilitated a participative session based on Belbin team roles as a precursor to their away day, giving them a platform to think about communication flow and harnessing their individual strengths.   

For more information on how we can help your management teams work together more effectively have a look at our team coaching and team facilitation workshops or call us on 01903 732 782.

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Debbie Stanfield
Debbie Stanfield

I joined Stella and Tracy at Focal Point in 2003 and have seen both the Company and my role evolve during this time. I now work closely with the management team to achieve and improve business efficiently. To re-energise myself after a day in the office, I like to go to Zumba classes in the evening!

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