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Blog - What our workplaces look like now... and what this means for team behaviour and interaction

What our workplaces look like now... and what this means for team behaviour and interaction

Posted by Tracy Powley 06/04/20

When we spoke to one of our long-standing clients this morning, she was at her new desk – the kitchen table – and sharing it with new co-workers – her husband and son. It is a typical scene up and down the country in April 2020.

Changes in working environments had already been taking place before the Coronavirus crisis hit. The pandemic has now both speeded up some of those changes and initiated new ones.

And as things shift, managers and leaders have a responsibility to help their teams understand what impact these changes are having on team working, communication and workplace behaviour.

But it can be hard to know where to start and how to open up these discussions.

We have attached a slide to help structure a team discussion – you can download it and use it in your next team meeting to help explore the impact of these changes and agree some actions on the back of the discussion.

A great output is to agree some team guidelines.

With so many people currently working from home, the lines between home, social and work life have become even more blurred. And those who are still in the workplace – from hospitals to manufacturing – will be facing increased challenges in their work. So now more than ever, teams need clarity on boundaries.

For more information about how we can help you cultivate the right behaviours and help teams understand where the lines are between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, please email us or contact us on 01903 732 782 for a confidential discussion or take a look at our case studies 

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Tracy Powley
Tracy Powley

The way we behave towards each other in the workplace has a direct impact on individual wellbeing, team performance and organisational results. This belief has underpinned our work at Focal Point for over 20 years and has never been more relevant. We are privileged to work with a huge variety of organisations wanting to get workplace behaviour and culture right - and to tackle the inappropriate behaviour that may get in the way of this. Supported by our fantastic team of facilitators and coaches, we are able to make a real difference to peoples’ lives as well as organisational performance. Having worked in both large businesses at management level and in 2 start ups at director level, I am able to combine hands on experience of growing and managing teams - and the associated challenges in creating the right culture - with over 20 years in learning and development. I hold the Certificate in Training Practice and am a member of CIPD. When I am not supporting clients or developing the Focal Point business, you will find me in a calming yoga class...

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