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Blog - The sporting world shows how easily reputations can be marred…

The sporting world shows how easily reputations can be marred…

Posted by Stella Chandler 26/01/17

Inappropriate BehaviourThere were some fantastic examples of inspiring behaviour and great role modelling in the sporting world this weekend.

The positives started as Bobby Charlton relinquished his 40 year goal scoring record with real graciousness and genuine warmth to Wayne Rooney.

As Nicola Adams turns pro, she has been lauded for her “fantastic achievements” and for being such a strong role model and ambassador for women’s boxing.

And when Hull city’s Ryan Mason injured himself badly on the pitch, both groups of supporters stood, out of respect, as he was stretchered off. 

But just as we were about to write about how motivating such respectful, positive behaviour can be and what an impact it can have on a wide circle of people, Arsene Wenger was charged with misconduct for his abusive behaviour after Arsenal’s loss to Burnley…

How easily positives can be eclipsed by the negatives and how quickly reputations can be tarnished. 

Similarly, in the world of work, people who can’t keep their cool and manage their frustrations constructively, can mar things for everyone else and often overshadow the huge amounts of positive stories around them.

Leaders particularly have a responsibility to manage their emotions, to communicate frustrations and disappointments in an appropriate way and to lead with positive, inclusive and respectful behaviour…

How do yours measure up? Nicola Adams or Arsene Wenger?

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Stella Chandler
Stella Chandler

I thrive on seeing people do things they didn’t think they could do! I draw on my management and leadership experience from working in senior positions in the Metropolitan Police Service, running Focal Point since 2002 and working across all three sectors in the widest variety of environments. I am a fellow of the CIPD and when I am not working with clients I can be seen on the golf courses of Hampshire.

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