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Blog - Team Tuesday - Introducing Suzanne Mclachlan

Team Tuesday - Introducing Suzanne Mclachlan

Posted by Kate Ridley 01/12/20

SuzanneSuzanne’s first boss was Michael Caine when she started her career as a chef at Langan's Brasserie in Mayfair, it was part owned by Michael, Peter Langan and Richard Shepherd, not a lot of people know that!

Yet another singer in the team; Suzanne can't stop singing along to music that's being played out loud, (in shops, the car, waiting rooms etc) she can never remember the words, so makes up her own, which apparently really irritates and embarrasses the kids!! (Her Great Aunt always said she should have been an Opera singer.

Suzanne once made a Marks & Spencer store in Gibraltar come to a standstill after sneezing so loudly.

In her spare time, she used to make unique colourful/patterned Waistcoats for the Solicitors and Partners in the law firm she worked at.

She has developed her organizational, logistical, and administrative skills through managing the restaurant and events for a large London Law firm and latterly by organising and managing events for a Local Care Home. Her role at Focal Point is to ensure that support for our clients and trainers is smooth and seamless.

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Kate Ridley
Kate Ridley
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