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Blog - Team Tuesday - Introducing Stella Chandler

Team Tuesday - Introducing Stella Chandler

Posted by Kate Ridley 27/02/20

Stella ChandlerStella thrives on seeing people do things they didn’t think they could do, and with experience in management and leadership from working in senior positions in the Metropolitan Police Service she co-founded Focal Point with Tracy 19 years ago.

She feels very proud of their work and the team they have built together.  One of Stella’s most precious moments are when someone says, “Thank you for opening up the conversations we needed to have about behaviour, it has made such a difference”.

Stella loves to combine her two main hobbies outside of work – photography and golf, she travels far and wide to take on different golf courses, and last year she visited the Hebrides, you will notice in the photo that she looks cool, calm and collected but on the inside she is trying to stay calm and concentrate on not getting blown away by the gale force wind!

A local radio station had an appeal recently asking for 1,000 people to raise £100 for disadvantaged children.  She came up with an idea that she would put £1 in a tin for every bottle of wine that is opened in her house.  However, she will not reveal when she meets her target, but as she loves entertaining, it perhaps shouldn’t take too long!

Being unable to sing or play a musical instrument (but loves listening to music) she recently failed a challenge from friends to stay motionless whilst the track “Waiting for a star to fall” by Boy meets Girl was being played, apparently very hard as is one of her favourite tracks.

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Kate Ridley
Kate Ridley
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