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Blog - Team Tuesday - Introducing Helga Davies

Team Tuesday - Introducing Helga Davies

Posted by Kate Ridley 02/06/20

Helga DaviesHelga’s field of expertise is influence and impact.  She works nationally and internationally coaching and training leaders to strengthen their ability to influence effectively and to align their desired impact with their actual impact.  By doing so the leaders become more credible, more efficient and more able to promote good quality relationships at work.

Helga’s work is informed by many sources including her leadership background, as the head of department for a recruitment company, MD of an orphanage in East Africa and an Organisational Change Consultant for a large UK automotive parts company, plus the 16 years of coaching executives and training leaders as well as current research and best practice. 

She supports leaders to strengthen their team and organisational culture, so they are more respectful, inclusive and psychologically safe.  She also coaches leaders on how to lead in a way that is appropriate and aligned with their level of leadership.

Not many people know but Helga never eats the inside of a French stick and likes to read her magazines backwards.

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Kate Ridley
Kate Ridley
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