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Blog - Team Tuesday - Introducing Heather McIntosh

Team Tuesday - Introducing Heather McIntosh

Posted by Kate Ridley 06/05/19

HeatherThe first Tuesday of the month has now been renamed as Focal Point's "Team Tuesday", each month we will be showcasing a member of the Focal Point Training team.

This month we are pleased to introduce Heather McIntosh, who has re-joined us after spending a year travelling the world!

Heather is our Senior Associate, and has come back to Focal Point to help develop the current programme we offer to clients.  As a professional facilitator and experienced manager, she relates directly to the challenges managers face, and support and encourage them to find the best ways to apply their learning in the workplace.

Over the last 25 years, she has worked with private and public sector organisations seeking to modernise and grow their business by building their managers’ capacity to get the best from people.

Heather describes herself as a 'late-starter specialist' having completed her first degree age 30, her gap year age 40, first marathon age 45, taken up flamenco dancing in her 50s, learned to swim (properly) at 60... so who knows what's next.

Not many people know but she has a rather large shoe habit, she loves them - a lot! She is too embarrassed to count how many pairs she owns - and yes of course like everyone else, she wears the same few pairs all the time.

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Kate Ridley
Kate Ridley
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