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Blog - Team Tuesday - Introducing Cheryl Burgoyne

Team Tuesday - Introducing Cheryl Burgoyne

Posted by Kate Ridley 01/09/20

CherylCheryl has been with Focal Point for 4.5 years working with organisations exploring the trickier area of behaviour that people feel uncomfortable with.  She recently delivered three webinars around Social Distancing, focusing on conversations, feelings, and whistleblowing which she found was enormously exciting and personally, a steep learning curve.

She is an avid reader of books to understand human behaviour and what drives us to behave as we do. She is extremely thankful and happy to be doing a job she loves and feedback she receives indicates she makes a difference, which is very satisfying.

An interesting fact about Cheryl is that she cannot whistle!  She can make one sound, so unfortunately for her children, her whistling to songs is not popular. 

During lockdown she has also taken up crochet and made several throws for family and friends.  She has always loved painting and has several framed around the house.

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Kate Ridley
Kate Ridley
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