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Blog - Launch of our “Steps to Inclusion” Review

Launch of our “Steps to Inclusion” Review

Posted by Tracy Powley 14/01/19

Would you like to be doing more to encourage a diverse workforce and create a truly inclusive workplace - but not sure where to start and how best to allocate your resources?

Help is at hand!

We have created a simple and highly effective review process which provides a “moment in time” health check, helping you to look at your current workplace practices and the steps you can take to build a fully inclusive workforce. 

The key benefit is that this like all our solutions is tailored to your organisation and is debriefed in a face to face meeting or phone call; it is not just an automatically generated report with lots of irrelevant suggestions.

Structured in an easily digestible format with practical recommendations staged across the short, medium and long-term, it will give you a clear focus and set of actions to take forward, no matter where you are on your inclusion journey  

Take a look at more detail here and see what some of our clients have said. 

We can also help you remove the barriers to inclusive working through helping your people understand how bias can impact decision making and how inappropriate behaviour can get in the way of creating an inclusive workplace

For more information on how the review process could help you, call us on 01903 732 782 or Email us or contact us 

Tracy Powley
Tracy Powley

Stella Chandler and I founded Focal Point on a shared belief that a training course run in isolation doesn't work. We passionately believe there must be support both before and after the training or coaching session itself for it to make a difference. When I am not facilitating sessions with clients or looking at ways to grow the Focal Point business, you will find me in a calming yoga class...

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