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Blog - How to develop your team without it costing a fortune!

How to develop your team without it costing a fortune!

Posted by Stella Chandler 14/05/15

Learning at Work Week 

Let’s celebrate Learning at Work Week by looking at the numerous development opportunities which exist at work... and most do not cost money!



90% of all learning happens on the job, not in a structured classroom training environment at all, but actually going about our day-to-day work.

Too many organisations focus on the ‘delivered’ training session and overlook opportunities constantly around us at work. Chairing a team meeting for the first time or tackling a particularly difficult conversation with a team member  are all situations full of learning possibility - if they are viewed as such and debriefed in the right way.

Development plans shouldn’t just be about listing ‘courses’ for people to attend, but should identify practical on-the-job opportunities, as legitimate means of learning.

Here are just some suggestions to inspire you – and most won’t break the bank!


  • shadowing
  • coaching
  • mentoring
  • buddying up
  • discussing an issue with a colleague
  • network groups
  • seminars
  • conferences
  • secondment
  • working on a inter-departmental project team
  • talking to clients
  • reading articles and blogs from professional magazines and industry experts
  • receiving feedback
  • swapping experiences
  • job rotation
  • e-learning
  • YouTube
  • “expert” talks
  • team meetings

What would you add?


To ensure you get the most from any learning opportunity see our blog on evaluating learning and development

or give us a call on 01903 732 782 to chat through your team’s and managers’ learning needs.

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Stella Chandler
Stella Chandler

I thrive on seeing people do things they didn’t think they could do! I draw on my management and leadership experience from working in senior positions in the Metropolitan Police Service, running Focal Point since 2002 and working across all three sectors in the widest variety of environments. Because we rarely learn things first time, we believe it is vital to provide support before, during and after the events we run, in order to get the best from them. Time and time again people have told us how the chance to review their learning and to have their actions reinforced has really helped cement new ways of doing things. This is what has then made the difference that they and we are looking for. I am a fellow of the CIPD and when I am not working with clients I can be seen on the golf courses of Hampshire.

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