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Blog - “Ghastly” Conversations and “Nightmare” Scenarios – See our top 5!

“Ghastly” Conversations and “Nightmare” Scenarios – See our top 5!

Posted by Tracy Powley 31/10/14


Halloween“Ghastly” Conversations and “Nightmare” Scenarios – which grim management situations are we most scared of?

As Halloween approaches, we have compiled the top 5 dreaded management conversations. These are the most commonly raised issues in development programmes we run -  difficult conversations which fill managers with horror!

1. addressing personal hygiene issues
2. tackling someone’s behaviour when they have no awareness of how they are coming across
3. dealing with office banter and humour which is just starting to cross the line – how do you kerb it without seeming like a killjoy and the office prude?
4. managing a member of staff who has lost out on promotion to a colleague and is full of resentment
5. having to deal with a lack of performance which has never been tackled and you have inherited – so the employee believes all is fine!

What are your worst nightmares? Tell us by commenting below or on Twitter, Facebook and Linked in

Click on any of the links above to see some practical guidelines for dealing with these scenarios or have a look at our case studies to see how we have helped other organisations deal with similar issues.

For more guidance on how we can help you tackle these scenarios and much more,  call us on 01903 732 782 for a confidential discussion have a look at our range of solutions for resolving difficult behaviour, email us or  contact us


Tracy Powley
Tracy Powley

Stella Chandler and I founded Focal Point on a shared belief that a training course run in isolation doesn't work. We passionately believe there must be support both before and after the training or coaching session itself for it to make a difference. When I am not facilitating sessions with clients or looking at ways to grow the Focal Point business, you will find me in a calming yoga class...

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