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Blog - Email less; talk more – making it a habit!

Email less; talk more – making it a habit!

Posted by Stella Chandler 01/05/15

No Email DayNo email day next week is a great reminder of why we should all be making an effort to talk to each other more at work.



We can get quite evangelical about this because the benefits are huge 

  • more effective team working
  • less likelihood of messages being misinterpreted and leading to tension
  • more likelihood of agreements being acted on
  • tricky conversations dealt with through sensitivity and empathy - which is nigh on impossible to achieve through an email
  • more creativity and ideas generation through talking things through with others

But while so many of the people we work with absolutely agree and commit to the idea of sending less emails, the major stumbling block is to keep the momentum going and make it a new habit. So many of us do well for the first couple of weeks and then slip back to old habits... and the use of email creeps back up.

So what can we do to make the change a permanent one?

Forming a new habit relies on constant reminders so why not try this...

Create a reminder on your phone to send fewer emails for a set time each month – for example 2pm on the first working day of the month, for the upcoming 12 months.

These gentle nudges can make all the difference and ensure that our good intentions become reality.


Why not start on No Email Day on 5th May!     


For more guidance on how to get people talking to each other again when relationships have broken down have a look at our Repairing Working Relationships pages or call us on 01903 732 782.


Stella Chandler
Stella Chandler

I thrive on seeing people do things they didn’t think they could do! I draw on my management and leadership experience from working in senior positions in the Metropolitan Police Service, running Focal Point since 2002 and working across all three sectors in the widest variety of environments. Because we rarely learn things first time, we believe it is vital to provide support before, during and after the events we run, in order to get the best from them. Time and time again people have told us how the chance to review their learning and to have their actions reinforced has really helped cement new ways of doing things. This is what has then made the difference that they and we are looking for. I am a fellow of the CIPD and when I am not working with clients I can be seen on the golf courses of Hampshire.

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