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Blog - Congratulations to our ILM Level 7 participants from the City of London Corporation!

Congratulations to our ILM Level 7 participants from the City of London Corporation!

Posted by Stella Chandler 09/10/17

CoL - LDP 2016


We were delighted to hold a great celebration event for the graduates of our 2016-17 senior leadership development programme. Very well done to everyone for their hard work and commitment.

The ILM Level 7 programme takes an innovative approach to developing experienced managers and leaders, with an emphasis on peer led sessions and cultivating collaboration across teams, departments and organisations.

We have been delighted with the outcomes and feedback.

One of the participants has said “The Programme is excellent. The ability to shape the learning via peer led sessions is innovative and engaging. I've found the opportunity to interact with colleagues across the department both stimulating and exciting.”

And the Chief Officer of the commissioning department comments “I am delighted with my return on investment. As soon as the Programme started I could see people were working better together. I can give a number of examples where the increased collaboration across the Department has led to significantly better outcomes.” 

If you are after a new way to support and develop your senior managers, talk to us about our “Leading the Future” Programme and how it can bring an immediate impact for your organisation.

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Stella Chandler
Stella Chandler

I thrive on seeing people do things they didn’t think they could do! I draw on my management and leadership experience from working in senior positions in the Metropolitan Police Service, running Focal Point since 2002 and working across all three sectors in the widest variety of environments. I am a fellow of the CIPD and when I am not working with clients I can be seen on the golf courses of Hampshire.

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